Taung master economic development blue print. (First draft.)

The ANC win in the elections means new dawn program is moving forward. Taung has turned into one of those run of the mill small rural town that depend on a Shoprite, Pep store and a taxi rank for a sign of economic activities. I call upon my home-boys and home-girls to join the thuma men’s campaign and help in the development and successful execution of the master plan to bring investment in the Taung region. Taung’s biggest investment is people, let’s do the difficult job of finding how to attract R5 billion investment to empower people.

Here is my blue print, and please make your contribution so we can have the second or complete draft by the end of June.

We can attract investment and grow economic activities in Taung through the following focused and coordinated interventions.

  1. Youth development.

The youth are the cornerstone of the Taung community and the future of its success or failure.

There are two low investment program Taung can develop for youth economic participation.

An incubation center where the youth can be trained and mentored on venture creation. The program would simply help the Taung based youth access NYDA training and funding grants. Helping one hundred young people a year will make a major deference.

Secondly create a computer center were people can learn to code using freecodecamp.org.

2. Outsourcing.

It doesn’t cost s lot to setup virtual infrastructure for a call center. With the right plan Taung can play in the outsourced call center space.

3. Freelancing.

Once the programmers has been trained to gain self employment and freelancing skills to pursue opportunities on platforms like fivver.com.

4. Agriculture

Pig and poultry farming can be turned into thriving industries through a proper and coordinated and around the whole value chain from animal production, distribution systems to processed meat factories.

5. New township development.

This one may sound crazy but we might need a new township with better amenities to encourage skilled people to come and stay in Taung.

6. Tourism.

A focused plan for tourism including events tourism like DJNation could boost employment.

8. The master-mind group

The creation of a master mind group to coordinate and ensure implementation.

Please add your comments and share with all your homeboys and homegirls to ensure top level contribution of better ideas.

One thought on “Taung master economic development blue print. (First draft.)

  • May 12, 2019 at 2:20 pm


    I loved your article and your views with regard to growing our Small Country Town.

    Here is my view, and potentially my contribution.

    In simple terms “Crowdfunding”

    My interest lies in two strategies you mentioned.
    Computer Centre and Agricultural(Particularly Pig and Poultery)

    If we design a funding model around Crowdfunds we can potentially kick start alot of ventures in those two areas mentioned ahead of attaining NYDA support through funding.

    That will ensure we are all hands on, and skilled in the process to manage and maintain successful projects that will grow our small economy and also create jobs for both skilled and unskilled youth at home.

    Computer Centre will ensure to develop skills whilst farming won’t only put food on the table for many but will also ensure generational wealth creation.


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