How unfair charges affects your financial wellness.

I pay R39 to host this website, on Grihost, formerly Webafrica hosting, When Webafrica announced it was moving it hosting clients to a dedicated hosting service I thought we will have a better service especially from their billing department, they really put the previous billing administration at city of Johannesburg to shame. Big mistake! It all looked promising at first, they had more payment options like Payfast to make it easy to add funds to the account, I order a thirty nine Rand (R39) hosting service package for the parked domain and tried to use Payfast to settle the account but the checkout was not seamless, it did not direct to the Payfast so I abandon the the checkout but the order remained on my account with the thirty nine Rand (R39) outstanding balance. Since is on debit order that goes at the end of the month on my personal Capitec bank account, I assumed that any outstanding payment will be settled when this debit order is send through.
Now the bad part, on the twentieth  (20th) of November I received a Fifty Rand (R50) penalty fee for a not provided for debit order. I send an email to support to reverse the fee as the debit order was unauthorized, then on the twenty fifth (25th) of November 2017, a debit order for R89 goes of the account, I reversed the charge because I am not expecting any debit orders at that point, then Gridhost send me another penalty fee of Fifty Rand R50 for a not provide for debit order. I decide to transfer my domain to another hosting provider and cancelled the hosting package that was causing me all the trouble. Why did I get this unfair charges? Gridhost send debit orders every Thursday was the reply that I received about the debit order being authorized while  i am sure it was unauthorised(Who gave permission to have a debit order send on my account every Thursday? If you know about advertising on LinkedIn, you will know that LinkedIn has a similar payment cycle for daily, weekly and monthly and it is well communicated, you know the why of when your  card will charged. Not so with gridhost they prefer to charge you first and communicate later to justify why they did it!), if the debit order bounces you pay them Fifty Rand (R50). At the end of November I had to pay R139 for my thirty nine Rand (R39) hosting fee to avoid getting suspended.
Hundred rand might seem like a small amount, but if you look at it another way. A teacher will pay R89 to ensure his or her family have a twenty thousands Rand (R20 000)  dignified funeral cover. Affordability is one of the main reason South Africans don’t save. When you include all the money that get wasted settling unfair charges, many people will will be properly insured or have savings accounts.

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