Two reasons why smart people waste money on voodoo tricks.

If the classified section of your regular newspaper ids filled with adverts from shady people who claim to be strong prophets, powerful herbal healers or magical miracle workers, it means there is a large pool of people in your community who are gullible enough to believe in their nonsense.

The fake prophets will not continue to spend money on advertising if nobody is foolish enough to use and waste hard earned money of this type useless services,  hopefully your friends and family are not involved. These people who like to brand themselves Babas and Mamas like we are deprived of parental love.

 They even claim to have something that makes a mockery of people’s faith in God. A magic ring for Pastors! 

Hopefully your pastor is not one of those fools running around with one these magic ring claiming to perform miracles in the name of Jesus Christ.  If you are considering using the services of a voodoo trickster, ask your self a simple question. Are you desperate or just greedy. There are only two reason why smart people spend money on the services of these shady characters. Desperation and Greed. What ever your answer, you must realize you have fallen into the gullible person trap. you are ready to believe anything that gives you hope.


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