A bad boss is worse for the bottom-line

Being a big boss with a big corner office to match the size of your ego and a great expansive view,  if you were to find out that the majority of your team members wishes you could have a heart attack and drop dead right where you are at this moment so that they never have too see you again what would happen? The first thing to do obviously is to stay calm and the second thing is to check if your life cover is up-to date in case life plays a funny joke on you and their wishes come true or the first thing to do is get furious and precipitate the wished for heart attack.
When investors are given a choice between a first rate product lead by a second rate project team or a second rate product lead by a first rate project team, the best project team wins every time. No matter how brilliant a product is, and how great a market opportunity it present. A second rate team is bound to screw things up. Bad bosses always end-up with a second rate team because the best people will never sign-up for mediocrity. Most of them are smarter than the boss anyway so if he could do enough to get large corner office. They clearly can do better for themselves, elsewhere that is. If you are unfortunate enough to have a really terrible boss who is bound to run your department or the organization that currently employs you into the ground, the best thing to secure your future is to jump ship and start your own business. Be your own boss. 

You should remember to start your business part-time until it is  generating some revenue before you resign from your current job, and remember not to take your own boss title too seriously because you will still have customers to answer to. 

People who literally  think that operating your own business makes you the boss has the tendency to treat customers  as a necessary nuisance. If you run your own small business, your attitude as a boss will determine weather you are going to require business loans to fulfill big orders or finance expansion plans or you are going to need funding to plug cash-flow gaps as you get stuck on a path to bankruptcy as good employees and customers stop coming through the door.


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