Self- services banking could save save you 87% in bank charges.

Capitec has just announced that is has over 9 million customers. I have been a capitec client for over ten years now. When it comes to self-services channels I have both the internet banking and cellphone. I was one of those unfortunate early adopters of the internet banking service where I paid R125 twice for an ugly token that provided the one-time pin number if i wanted to transact online.

The internet banking of that time was a minimum viable product, a me too service that served a competitive purpose for the bank with little useful features or solutions for customers.  Which explains why I currently don’t have the Capitec banking App. I was given a rude awakening recently when I went to reverse a charge that I did not like when I realised I could have done it myself  If I had the Banking App and it would have cost me only eight Rand  (R8), but I had to sit an hour in the branck and pay thirty five Rand in bank charges to make the transaction in the branch. I could have saved 87% in banking fees if I had the App. Who ever you bank with, it is time to ensure you have your bank’s mobile App on your phone. It will put the bank in your pocket, making your banking convenient while saving you money in bank fees. Remember any opportunity to save money gives you a chance to kick start your 52 week savings challenge. To grow your savings nest egg that could help you wipe-out your debt, go on a dream holiday or pay for children’s school fees.


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