The costly pursuit of accumulating material possesions.

Suffering from heavy stress caused by a huge load of personal debts, is one of the big trade offs people are willing to make for a chance at the table with those who have a little bid more than others. When it comes to money, everyone wants more of it at all times. This applies even to the likes of warren Buffet and Bill Gates. There are plenty of opportunities on how to make more money and every opportunity comes with its own set of challenges.
If the material accumulation is the main purpose for wanting more, then doing so as quickly as possible becomes a necessity. Which requires short cuts. Is it better to be a millionaire than to have a soul or better to have a soul than to be a millionaire? Creating a demand for products by giving away free samples to hook customers is one of the most successful textbook case marketing strategies being exploited by people with evil intentions, drug dealers in their pursuit to accumulate large quantities of money and buy themselves the shiniest gadgets.  The same logic applies to corrupt tenderpreneurs and those involved in BEE fronting who considers themselves upstanding citizen in other quarters while involved in activities that are criminal and actions that are detrimental to society, the end justify the means.  They just want to satisfy their need to have more. 
If impressing other people was not part of the reason why you need to accumulate more possessions, These are the people you don’t like anyway. Why do you need more money or more things? There is a silver lining in being content with what you have. Learning that bigger is not better and having more is not a necessity.  Then we will be glad to have fewer things to worry about and realize that we should be a lot happier than we thought. Being yourself cost nothing and while pretending to be someone you are not creates a  phony, stressed and an unhappy person.

More money more problems. More possessions more stress. A rich man’s wealth may ransom his life. This is not to say we should not pursue our dreams or strive to fulfill our potential. The argument is there should be more to life than getting more things or the purpose of our goals should be bigger than money.

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