Saving on medical costs by putting trust in generics.

The department of health is the largest provider of medication in South Africa and the majority of these are generic medicines. The are plenty of complaints about the quality of service in the public health system, but these complaints do not extend to the quality of medication. I was once one of those people who were skeptical about the quality of low cost medication until of a friend of mine took me to the Medi-Rite pharmacy inside Shoprite to buy a 200ml DPH cough syrup for only ten Rand (R10.00), and the effectiveness of that cough syrup change my mind about the quality of low cost medication. Elsewhere in the world the use of generic medication stand at 80% while in South Africa people prefer expensive brand name medication and the use of generics stand at only 40%. Expects says the use of generic equivalents medication for hypertension, anti-depressants or high-blood pressure can save patients more than 50% in medical costs. If we adopt a savings culture, it will create a mindset of saving every penny worth keeping in our saving accounts. Use the art of saving money challenge to change your mindset on cost. Start contributing the money you save on buying generic equivalents and see how huge your nest-egg became.


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