The art of saving money.

If you are one of does people who is always low on cash during the first month of the year , it is time you make sure it does not happen again come the next January. No matter your level of income, everyone can save with the 52 week savings challenge.
The table below is based on the ten Rand savings plan, you could choose any amount based on your level of income. Your 52 week savings plan challenge could be started from as little as one Rand per week. Lets get started on the 52 week savings challenge with our R1, R2 or R5 savings plans.

If you are already in a cash-flow crisis and need a budget boost or an opportunity to consolidate your debtclick here and one of our financial partners will contact you.


* The 52 week money challenge plan was originally created for American audiences by Kassondra Perry-Weaver, a personal finance enthusiast from the USA.

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